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A room for living

Those with houses have living rooms. Those with apartments have rooms for living. My apartment is made up of one major space in which my life takes place. A space where family meals are served, movies are watched, wine is savored, laundry is hung, and scones are baked. My apartment is not tiny but I definitely do not have the luxury of wasting space. I need to love every square inch. There definitely is not a room where I can close the door and think “No big deal … company just can’t go in here!”

Going room by room and turning it into what I envisioned when I moved in has been an ongoing process. Of course, that vision has also been a constantly moving target. Years of looking at magazines, catalogs (normally of things I can’t afford) and wandering around thrift stores has given plenty of inspiration. But real inspiration can be found just about anywhere. What the experience has taught me is to take note of everything that catches my eye. Clearly, my eye drove me to surround myself with teal.

photo source: Pinterest

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  1. My bedroom is a bright, bright teal with chocolate trim and I couldn’t love it more. Teal is definitely a happy color!

    March 12, 2012
    • It’s so soothing too 🙂 I just love it!!

      March 12, 2012

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