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We love our alma mater

So today starts March Madness. For the record we can’t handle all the emails that go around about brackets, don’t know a lot about the rules of basketball and are notorious for not remembering which team is which when watching a game. But one thing is very, very true… we are big on school pride. We absolutely love our alma mater.

Since we grew up on the same campus where we later became alumni, we live and breathe everything surrounding Syracuse University, including the evolution of Orangewomen gear. We have had the chance to observe the change in gear available for exhibiting our school pride. When we were younger, the selection was restricted to standard-issue varsity hoodies with embroidered letters, men’s T-shirts and basketball shorts. Then came the T-shirts with attitude. We won the NCAA championship and T-shirts with ‘Cuse Nation, Beat ‘Nova, Welcome to the Big House, Syracuse Marathon Men, We are SU, We Bleed Orange arrived and my personal fave Real Women Wear Orange.

While we all rocked our picks with great pride, there was one slight issue. They were incredibly unflattering. Not that one needs to be sexy all the time, that would be so tiring, but a basketball game is a bigger social occassion. I definitely at least want to look like a girl. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. Recently we have been pleased to see that the ladies who cheer on the ‘Cuse have some very cute selections to choose from…

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