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Attached at the Hip | Flowers in bloom

{ Monday Blog Series: We’re going to start the week from now on with a little tidbit that will lovingly be titled Attached at the Hip. It’s going to be the day of the week that we bring you reports of things we did together or our different takes on things. It will be a day of sisterhood, adventures and a general state of ridiculousness. Why not celebrate how much we love one another and how different yet the same we are?! }

It finally feels like spring, despite the fact that winter didn’t really happen this year to begin with. We didn’t spend the weekend together but we both felt the need to take a walk and totally indulge ourselves in the gorgeous weather, think about what we want to wear (and buy) during the upcoming warm season and eat some delicious food. The sun was out, the breeze was warm, flowers were in bloom, boats were being brought out for the season, we both were inspired to wear sandals for the first time. It’s officially time to take a look at your toes and assess the situation.

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