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Not Cinderella’s slipper

I will say one last thing about this amazing spring weather because I don’t want to get boring with my constant obsessing… I love the footwear (remember the canvas sneakers?) and that you can finally go barefoot… in your shoes (we’re not that bohemian!). The perfect barefoot shoe is the smoking slipper, whose distinctive shape dates back to the styles sported in men’s smoking rooms of Victorian England. We’re all about stealing from the boys, so here are our favorites from what turns out to be a vast selection in style and price (our scale below goes by price). Put a pair on your spring shopping list — these puppies have gone mainstream (in the chicest way possible). They’re are no longer just for grandes dames of the Upper East Side and Somerset (NJ), Fairfield and Litchfield (CT) counties. So go ahead, you can smoke just this once.

Credits: 1) Dolce Vita (I have these, they are super comfy) 2) By Paige 3) J.Crew (now sold out!) 4) Belgian Shoes (Upper East Side staple) 5) Hadleigh’s for iomoi (Palm Beach prep) 6) Stubbs & Wootton 7) Charles Philip

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