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Mad about Mad Women

Preface: If you do not watch Mad Men then this post may be boring for you. However, if that is the case, you should really start watching it. We will judge you if you don’t.

I’m just going to dive right into it because I’ve been holding back my reactions to the season premiere for over a week now. A lovely, well-connected friend of mine got me a sneak peek last weekend and Zou Bisou Bisou has been stuck in my head ever since. Now that the show debuted, there are actually substantive Google results for the song. The Daily Beast’s history of the song led me to watch the original music video and you can even buy Jessica Paré’s version from the show online now. Needless to say, I went on a little Zou Bisou Bisou journey through time into the wee hours.

That brings me to my next point: the women are killing it on episode one. And Betty’s not even back yet. Megan was mainly on my (or should I say everyone’s?) mind this episode. To me, the Megan plan seemed desperate at the end of Season 4. I thought Don wanted to marry her because she was Canadian and so he could go with her to Canada someday to escape his past. But she’s turned out to be quite something in just one episode. She’s a French-speaking fox with terrific gams and an amazing coral and white chevron coat (below). She also knows how to play games with Don’s naughty heart… and I’ll leave it at that with one small additional comment that Don was a brat to get mad at her for ZBB sexy dance, even if it was too public. It was hot.

The other lady on my mind was Joan. She wants to go back to work. Sometimes I joke with my friends that I’m ready to be a housewife when things at work are getting a little rough, but seeing Joan tired, constantly on the brink of blubbering, and getting up close and personal with diaper rash… the whole thing was just one big independent woman birth control pill.

And one last emotion sparked by last night’s premiere: I’m just really darn happy to have something to watch again on Sunday nights after my Downton withdrawal. Can’t wait to see what more the Drapers have in store for us in the coming weeks.

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  1. girlyobsessions #

    I love the ladies of Mad Men, especially Peggy. But I can’t get on board with Megan! Well, with Megan and Don. They’re relationship still doesn’t make sense to me. And while I usually think a gap-tooth smile is endearing and cute, I don’t love hers and I can’t really get past it. I know it’s superficial, but I feel like it leaks out her desperation.

    March 26, 2012

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