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Attached at the Hip | Family style

{ Monday Blog Series: We’re going to start the week from now on with a little tidbit that will lovingly be titled Attached at the Hip. It’s going to be the day of the week that we bring you reports of things we did together or our different takes on things. It will be a day of sisterhood, adventures and a general state of ridiculousness. Why not celebrate how much we love one another and how different yet the same we are?! }

We can all agree that hosting family is different, but if that stresses you out more or less than others depends on your family style. Our family is one big, huge love fest and we wouldn’t have it any other way. This weekend, M hosted our parents for an early Easter. Despite needing to do dishes in her tub because a broken pipe left her flawless, brand-new kitchen dry as the Sahara, the meal was still delicious and fun with all our Polish favorites. Our mom’s traditional root vegetable salad cannot be topped! We hope everyone’s next family gathering is stress-free too — just good food, better conversation and hilarious drunken moments for everyone to laugh at next time (like my brother-in-law’s dancing…. yes, there was dancing). Here are some other pictorial hostessing highlights from the weekend en famille.

Go hard or go home is evidently how we roll. Whiskey and wine were mixing in our glasses, as was Lily Allen and Lil’ Wayne on the stereo.

M does her simple, but perfect bagel breakfast spread in the new kitchen. The topping trifecta comes from Stonewall Kitchen: Fig & Ginger Jam, Red Pepper Jelly, Roasted Garlic Onion Jam… they are the perfect mixture of sweet and savory and go well with cream cheese.

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