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The math of baking

We have discussed my slight baking handicap. Everyone says it’s about the proportions. F that. I like to cook and just throw a whole bunch of nonsense into a sauté  pan. It turns into an art project that I make it up as I go along to see what can be miraculously created from what happens to be in my fridge. However, when baking (pies, in this case) is described this way, it makes substantially more sense to me. What can I say? I’m a visual kind of gal. Now, I’d prefer a chart that’s divided into thirds to represent chocolate, peanut butter and whipped cream — just saying. But if and when I decide to throw my Jackson Pollock technique to the wind and make a pie, this chart will be my north star (and the actual recipe will be the Big Dipper… sorry, couldn’t leave the metaphor unfinished). Bake on.

art source: Pop Chart Lab

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