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Restoration… wtf… | Part 2

So we are all familiar with how I feel about the new Restoration Hardware. Ridiculous… On one hand I have to give them props for doing something so outlandish from an artistic, visionary perspective, but on other hand I just do not understand how it’s a sustainable business model. Who is buying this shit?

Having ridiculously scaled, ostentatious elements in your living room is one thing, but to also reinforce that sort of decadence with your children is another. I’m not sure I would have grown up to be even close to level-headed had I grown up with a giant crown canopy over my daybed or played with my friends in princess-styled tents instead of just setting up blankets as a fort in my parents’ dining room. Do kids who grow up with this stuff still have an imagination? Maybe I’m being harsh… maybe it actually leads to stellar children with larger-than-life imaginations and we were actually stunted by playing dress up in our mother’s old slips. One thing is for sure… one incident of spilled chocolate milk and the housekeeper has to seriously hustle with the Oxi-Clean.

photo source: Restoration Hardware

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  1. Tara #

    Couldn’t agree with you more. I haven’t seen this catalog but from your images it looks ridiculous!

    April 5, 2012

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