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Clean that *!$@ up!

A good hostess doesn’t have crap laying around. I, admittedly, am a bit Type A. Maybe more than a bit. I am a big believer in everything having a purpose and a place. Years of living in smaller spaces will do that to a person, otherwise you would find yourself living in a huge, disorganized mess. I have taken the goal of not being featured on an episode of Hoarders very seriously with my favorite yearly activity (after Christmas and Thanksgiving): cut-throat spring cleaning. It comes once a year with the arrival of the spring Container Store catalog.

Haven’t worn it in two years? Gone. No longer fits to the point of no return? Gone. Purchased for the purpose of hosting a party you never threw? Gone. An old box to something you no longer own? Resist the tempation to fill it with other random shit, this doesn’t give it a purpose. If you think, “A shelf here with storage boxes that are all the same size would really work,” then follow through on the project. Just takes a couple hours to reign all your junk in. I acknowledge the first hardcore cleaning is a bit uncomfortable. Newbies should take it easy, you don’t want to go so crazy you find yourself without a wardrobe. But for us yearlies…. it feels so good. A yearly cleanse and fresh start. A liberation.

photo source: Container Store

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