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Paris in Color

Pre-summertime shopping is the some of the best shopping there is. It’s a woman’s way of welcoming the warm weather. It’s also the moment you stand in the dressing room and realize that the time of the year for more diligent leg shaving is upon us. While indulging in shopping this weekend, I found myself surrounded by a Parisian theme… striped boat neck shirts, scarves, cropped crisp trousers, and basic canvas shoes.

I do have to say, since I’m a completely hot mess 95% of the time, wearing classics that are difficult to mess up is kind of a lifesaver. They became classics for a reason. I have a hard time believing all French women are as perfect as they look. They just came up with camouflage fashion.

A taste of Paris was everywhere, including in the reading material. I had heard all the excitement around the book Paris in Color by Nichole Robertson of Little Brown Pen months ago but only flipped through it today. The storybook images got me fully ready for the quality time of summer and upcoming international trips. I highly recommend adding this book to your coffee table collection or keep it top of mind as a gift to a Parisian (at heart or in real life).







photo source: Paris in Color

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