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Don’t be blue… or do…

Blue makes me happy. Why do people have to use it as a negative? “Feeling blue?” Wrong! There is nothing more calming then a deep rich shade of blue. It always looks crisp when you decorate with it, complements the foods that you serve in it, makes you look elegant when you wear it and never looks dated. Finally a wider audience agrees with me because it seems to be just about everywhere.

My love for the color range that covers indigo, cobalt and royal blue started with Bolesławiec, traditional Polish pottery. It is covered with an iconic, rich blue pattern representing peacock wings. Our family has an amazing collection that is used everyday and on holidays, and so my blue obsession was seeded. It then grew stronger with my penchant for anything and everything nautical (that’s what living in Connecticut and vacations on Cape Cod do to a person).

The situation was further made worse during a trip to Turkey. Various shades of deep blue adorn extremely intricate tile work across everything from the Sultan’s palace, the Blue Mosque (see I told you!) and the Grand Bazaar. I love that the most recent Serena & Lily catalog takes inspiration from all these places for their cover.

Go and get to your blue place! And I mean that in all the happy ways!

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