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Tacos. Everywhere.


That sounds dirty…

M: Ok this entire taco situation recently is starting to drive me mildly crazy. I know they’re all the rage. The last issue of Food Network Magazine has a taco night theme. Real Simple has an entire taco section. I know that they can be quite delish, my sister introduced me to tacos with tilapia, but I just can’t get fully into it. At the end of the day it’s a glorified sandwich with an ethnic kick. WHY all of a sudden are they served in every restaurant as if they were the chef’s miracle? HOW can they be considered an entire concept to base restaurants off of? Too much.

A: UM, not too much! Well maybe the magazines are being slightly too trendy and the repeat exposure is peeving, but I don’t mind them being everywhere in restaurants. They’re delicious. A well-made sandwich with some variety is yummy, and it’s the variety that makes them all the rage. It’s like having all mac and cheese restaurants with crazy flavor combos that make you warm and happy inside. Sis, you’re hating hard! I may order a taco the next time we go out to dinner just to spite you. Muahahahaha.

photo source: Food Network

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