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A room with a view

A friend of mine came over to my apartment for the first time the other day and gave this hostess one of the biggest compliments ever: she said my place made her feel like she was in Paris. It made my day. I was so happy that without a single cliché Eiffel Tower decoration in sight, she got the vibe. I’m calling it pre-war tiny chic. Maybe it’s my itty-bitty café table that did it for her (poor thing is both my desk/dining space combo — hard-knock life). But you know what would make my apartment even more Parisian (and just generally a little more ideal)? A terrace.

Forget adding square footage (that would be setting me up for heartbreak), une petite terrasse is a luxury because it’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it lifestyle shift. You have  a piece of the sky and can grow some plants… bring just a smidgen of nature into your urbane existence and improve your view. So when I look for a new apartment later this year (fingers crossed that can happen), a terrace is on the list… Pre-war tiny chic 2.0. It could happen, right? It’s not liking I’m asking for a rooftop or anything! (That’s a whole different post…and life trajectory).

So I hope you enjoy a view somewhere this weekend, and if you’ll be doing that from your terrace, well, I’m jealous. Bon weekend à tous!

Paris your terrace with these lovelies: 1. Bench 2. Tray 3. Bistro chair 4. Marble-top brasserie table

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