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Attached at the Hip | Tag teaming

This weekend we met up at our aunt’s house to celebrate her birthday. We tag teamed it: M brought a bouquet of fresh flowers and I brought the appropriately garden-themed Caspari card (they are the best flatpress card company around). We got a warm welcome from this canine nugget of joy, Darby (and her undocumented partner in crime, Jasper). Darby is incredibly sweet with the softest fur and she has a slightly diva wag, which we appreciate.

Our poor aunt ended up making us visitors delicious meals on her birthday, which felt a little wrong, so we tried to do as many dishes as possible in exchange. The weekend of eating started out well with a heavenly croissant (from the adorable French bakery down the road) and a steaming cup of Scottish breakfast tea. Side note from contemplating this photo: we are both now totally convinced that asking for a full tableware set on a wedding registry is a good idea (Villeroy & Boch Botanica set shown). And over a delicious dinner of steamed halibut (the amazing bresaola/sugar snap peas/avocado/Tomme de Savoie salad below was lunch), we sang the Beatles song that was written for this particular birthday. This family likes to hit the tunes at all gatherings!

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