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Classifying myself

I’m really into classes lately. Perhaps it’s because I miss the structured learning of school that becomes habitual after 23 years. I’ve been raging on yoga and pilates at the gym after finding a wonderful teacher whose style fits me well; I want take a French class at Idlewild to keep up and a German class at Deutsches Haus to make up for what I’ve forgotten; most of all, I want to take a cooking class. I want to learn some better basics, maybe something a little more adventurous, make some new friends and prepare a meal on more than one foot of counter space. Ah, the luxury.

Good thing New York is filled with people who love good food and cooking and have great graphic and interiors style. Here are two adorable places in Chelsea and Williamsburg that I have my eye on trying this spring.

Haven’s Kitchen
109 West 17th St., Chelsea

I happened upon this place while strolling a few weeks ago. I took an Instagram (above) to remember it so I could come back and get what looks like a lovely cup of coffee. Then I came upon it again with a friend a few weekends later and learned that it’s also a cooking school and event space as well where a co-worker of ours is actually having her engagement party. Small world! The style of this converted carriage house is adorable with vintage industrial touches and the classes look fun (though alas many are during the workday).

Photo courtesy of Tablet

Sunday Suppers
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

When I first joined Pinterest, I traced some gorgeous food photography work back to this blog and discovered it was also a cooking business around the corner in Williamsburg. Started by photographer and stylist Karen Mordechai, Sunday Suppers hosts exactly that in its studio space, each supper with different featured chefs. They also have a few cooking and food photography classes. And definitely subscribe to their blog, it’s just so beautiful. I, for one, am dying over this Chocolate Lavender Pie.

Photo courtesy of Sunday Suppers

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