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The Best Red Carpet of the Year

One of my life dreams is to be invited to the Met Costume Institute Gala (this year it was celebrating the Schiaparelli/Prada exhibit). Will it come true? I’m not holding my breath, but I’ll comment on the dresses from my studio from across town. Here are some themes I picked up on and some of my favorite things. Did you have favorites you don’t see here? Leave us a comment!

Best Vintage Beauty
There’s something faintly Edwardian about Kirsten’s Rodarte get-up and while it seems more suited to a Lady Mary Downton-chauffeured outing than a ball, it’s still beautiful.

Best Definition of Ball Gown
Leslie Bibb’s Zac Posen dress was what I imagine one should wear to a ball. Obviously my Cinderalla dreams have not faded over time. When’s a better occasion to wear a huge, puffy skirt like that? I just hoped they waltzed at some point, otherwise it doesn’t seem ideal for breaking it down.


Best New Make-up Trend: Vampire Lips
Maybe it’s the new Johnny Depp movie that’s coming out, but this deep brown-red that was rocking the carpet was pretty stunning. I actually kind of liked its gothic undertone to balance the super-chic ensembles (although Lana’s cape gets a bit too thematic). Clockwise: Camilla Belle in Ralph Lauren Collection, Amber Valetta in Prada, Lana del Rey in Joseph Altuzarra, Kate Bosworth in Prada.

Worst Red Carpet Repeat
Angelina‘s met her leg match in a Polish girl. Damn. Careful not to cut your retina on Anja Rubik’s pelvic bone, popping out of her Anthony Vaccarello wisp of a dress. She’s obviously not wearing underwear, but my mind is running on wild on how she’s preventing a peep show.

Most Troubling Trend: Couture Muumuus
Taking a cue from Elizabeth Taylor, these red carpet vets went all muumuu on us this year. I still can’t decide how I feel. Sometimes I think being all covered up is actually sexier, but somehow that’s not coming through in either of these ensembles. Left to right: SJP in Valentino and Mary Kate Olsen in The Row.

Best Feather Train
Amy Poehler’s made her look a bit like Ursula from Little Mermaid in her Fotini dress, Renée Zellweger followed her lead, Cate Blanchett can do no wrong in my eyes, Beyoncé’s was all out (what else should we expect?), but it was Diane Kruger in Prada that won my feathered favor. She was gorgeous in an effortless sort of way. I love the boudoir feel of this dress and the vibrant purple.

Most Likely to Collapse from Malnourishment
It isn’t a model, it’s RZ! Holy Cornucopia (sorry, I’m reading The Hunger Games), this woman needs to eat. And pronto. There’s nothing to her. I literally get shaky looking at this picture of an emaciated, couture-clad, soon-to-be ghost.

Most Tuxalicious
If you follow my Pinterest, you will know that I am very drawn to tuxes. And Kanye wears one so well.

Best Head
Ok, don’t go there. Although I’m sure a little of that went on… Anyway, I was referencing the best hair and make-up combos that in my eyes to go the British beauties Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Carey Mulligan (who is apparently now married, congrats!). They both had super chic up-dos and flawless make-up that complemented their gowns so well.

All photos via WireImage

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