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Car repair vs Kate Spade

I love cars. I always have. It’s a love that I can blame on my grandfather because of all the magazines he had laying around. I was probably the only 4-year-old girl you could ever find that could identify Audi logos and Alfa Romeos. So as an adult, I invested my pennies in a Mini Cooper that I absolutely adore.

My little man however is starting to age and almost 7 years later he had his first age-related repair. The classic routine: I dropped him off for a routine oil change and found out that he needed to have a hose replaced, etc (it’s always the etc that’s scary). Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching. FML.

Now my other major love is Kate Spade. The preppiness. The stripes. The bright colors. Love. I feel like it helps me look like one of those women that can actually create great little outfits.

But life won’t let my loves live in unison. One cancels out the other. While a coolant hose seems really critical, I can’t wear it. I doubt it’s made of pink leather, nude patent, or yellow sparkles. So here are a couple of the things I would have loved to enjoy that can now be found in the engine of my ridiculously loved car. Damn it.

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