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Girly movies for the weekend

Girly does not have to mean silly. It can, however, mean fashion, romance and history. The foreign movie section is an excellent spot to find all sorts of historic dramas that tell stories of long-lost love, crazy lifestyles and times when smoking was socially acceptable. Since it’s going to be a nice quiet weekend and I’m patiently waiting for my sister to come home from her vacation (damn her!), I plan on pouring myself a glass of wine and pretending I’m in Paris for an evening.

L’Amour Fou tells the story of Yves Saint Laurent as an extravagant public figure and a fashion prodigy. Fashion, images of beautiful cities, and crazy eccentric people. Awesome. Sold. Meanwhile Mozart’s Sister tells the story of the composer’s older sister who apparently was also a musical genius in her own right. How did I not know that? Way to go on stealing her spotlight, Wolfgang. Does she have an awesome middle name like Amadeus? French royalty, splendid gowns, beautiful music, maybe some images of Versailles… this selection is definitely a contender. I may have to open a bar of chocolate and watch both.

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