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Reading and taking it in

Everyone has their favorite magazine subject matter. Some prefer fashion and clothes. Some love decorating and household ideas. I love food. I love to look at images of spacious kitchens with fresh ingredients and think about all sorts of things I would serve to my friends if I had the time and the space.

It isn’t often that a magazine makes me stop, but seeing Kinfolk on the counter of Williams-Sonoma the other week left me curious. Not curious enough to cough up almost ten dollars but enough to look at their website, become intrigued and emotional by the manifesto video.


So many things that I read are focused on eating occasions that are formal or meant to happen once a year for a holiday. What about all the gatherings we host or attend that are meaningful for their simplicity and because they were organized on the fly? Clearly the artists that created this pub had a very unique vision that involves having special moments over food with people that you don’t necessarily know very well. I find that a little odd because in my mind sharing a meal with anyone is a rather intimate activity, particularly if I have taken the time to prepare the meal myself. But what I can appreciate in the overall message is the desire to make things less complicated.

The images in Kinfolk were like a mental massage reminding you of all the little details that make meal preparation an almost therapeautic activity and that, while the details of table settings are important, what matters most is a meal that leaves one satisfied and conversation that leaves one happy.

photo source: Kinfolk magazine

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