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Attached at the Hip | Memorial Day 2012

Thank everything holy for 3-days away from the desk and everything ordinary. Time to be spent with friends, family and the BBQ. My bff Ash even made balsamic butter to slather our burgers with… which is sort of like a culinary orgasm. I actually left the computer behind for the entire weekend but I could not step away from Instagram. Such a problem.

Our top fav things about this weekend…

1. Visiting the biggest Pottery Barn ever seen at Evergreen Walk
2. Enjoying a soft boiled egg at Le Pain Quotidien along with a cappuccino the size of my face
3. Taking a toasty walk at the beach (this white girl needs to build a base so she doesn’t end up like her sister… see below)
4. Spending quality patio time with close friends

1. Seeing her boyfriend for an entire weekend
2. Kayaking and attempting to become one with nature
3. Home cooked dishes like rhubarb pie and white hot dogs on grilled buns
4. Getting her first sunburn of the season

but the balsamic butter definitely topped my list… thanks Ash!

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