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Williams-Sonoma gets hardcore


The pretentiousness of this entire concept, right down to the Latin name, both makes me throw my head back in laughter and just love everything about it. I wish I had a yard in which to cultivate a vegetable garden. In my biggest fantasies, my biggest stress in life would be whether the tomatoes are coming in nicely between rounds of tennis. What is it like to only worry about what you’re serving for dinner and how many people are coming over?

On the flip side, you can select a chicken coop. A CHICKEN COOP. I mean really? Now I assume anyone who gets one of these is just collecting eggs because somehow I don’t see Betsy Sue in Greenwich throwing a chicken down on the counter and saying “OK, time to get dinner ready!”

Does anyone remotely normal have the time to set up their own beehive in the backyard and collect honey? With my luck that would end in potential death by bee sting. I would like to see post-sale statistics on how many people that purchase these things ACTUALLY maintain them themselves. I imagine there are residential landscapers/gardeners from Westport, Connecticut down to Princeton, New Jersey swearing up a storm when they found out that in addition to their normal duties they also have to add beekeeping to the list.

photo source: Williams-Sonoma

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  1. girlyobsessions #

    What are you talking about? I totally maintain a beehive in my spare time. Slacker.

    May 29, 2012
    • Well clearly your home making skills violently surpass mine 😉

      May 29, 2012

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