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Faking perfection: cocktail mixers

{ Blog Swapping Series, Part 6: My bestie over at Girly Obsessions and I have been swapping blogs every couple weeks. She brings you her hostessing skills and we discuss our obsessions. Check out my post, where I tell you all about my obsession with Ciao Bella Gelato… mmm. So wonderful. }

I’m a graphic designer so this isn’t really my forté, but let’s do some math. Blog post math. I can’t mix drinks + outdoor dining = today’s post. I don’t know if this means I’m obsessed with booze, or just lazy…but let’s talk about summer cocktails mixers.

As much as I would like to be the hostess who can whip up some amazing cocktail for a summer party, I’m just not that girl. Magdalena even bought me a book about outdoor entertaining with beautifully styled pictures and fabulous drink recipes. I’m sure it was supposed to be inspiring, but it just made me feel totally inadequate. Between the cleaning and prepping and shopping, and overall spazzing, perfection is like the last thing I have time for. But just add booze, now that I can do. Stick something in a blender or shaker, I can do that, too. Pour it into a pretty glass and pretend I busted my ass? Done.

So even though my parties, and cocktails, don’t look like the one’s from my Williams-Sonoma book, I can usually count on them to supply me with some beautifully packaged pre-mixed something or other! I’m also a big fan of Stirrings cocktail mixers. They have a lot of fun, brightly colored, girly drink options. And of course, there’s my fave Skinnygirl cocktails that already have the booze in them. Super easy. (And also perfect for a weeknight party of one.)

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