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Popcorn and attractive men

I hope that title got you to click on the link. So here we are, almost to the two blockbuster months: July and August. Ah, summer movies. What we would pay $13 for to sit in the dark during the sunniest time of year? Here’s our short list, but the great full summer release list from Apple.

Take me out to the theater:

Magic Mike 6/29 Amazingly timed to pick up where the 50 Shades of Grey literary calamity left off (I read it so I can say that), now on to male stripping. Or should I say dancing? I think my grey cell are dying a slow death, but my eyes will be happy.

The Dark Knight Rises 7/20
Um, Christian Bale? Hello. Spiderman eat his hot, Batmobile dust.

Ruby Sparks 7/25
A writer’s character comes to life and he falls in love with her. Schizophrenia or adorable? I’m voting for adorable.

The Bourne Legacy 8/3
Wait, where did Matt Damon go? Oh well, I still like espionage action movies and Joan Allen as a CIA operative.

The Campaign 8/10
Since we’ll be sick of election talk already by then, making fun of it will be welcome.

Hope Springs 8/10
MERYL. Rediscovering sex as a middle-aged prude. This is the new Something’s Gotta Give. And what’s giving will be my credit card at the Loews by Lincoln Center. MERYL 4EVA.

Relegated to Netflix, for better or worse:

For better: I actually think these will be great and I’ve either missed them already or just would rather watch them with Chinese takeout in a non-bed-bug chair.
Brave (not much of an animated movie girl, but this promises a new kind of princess and I do go for girl power)
Moonrise Kingdom
Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (Britcom with Dame Judi, enough said)
Dark Shadows
Snow White and the Huntsman
Lola Versus
Bel Ami (R.Patz & costumes, I’m in!)
To Rome With Love (Woody Allen romcom & Europe? Sold.)

For worse: Because I like to make myself cry sometimes… either from the tearjerking or how bad the acting is and that I’m actually giving two hours of my life to watch it.
Rock of Ages
People Like Us
What to Expect When You’re Expecting

And I just can’t get over how stupid the film concept is for Ted. A talking bear? Really Mikey Mike? Couldn’t find a better script to sign?

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