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Musings | Gossip vs. Science

Yesterday was a pretty big day in the world of politics. Whether you’re for or against ObamaCare, no one can deny that it was a pretty monumental day. Now I consider myself a pretty well-educated person — NPR is my morning programming of choice, followed by more Podcasts when I get to work. But somehow I end the day with an intellect-obliterating bang when I go home and fill my brain with details of various Real Housewives episodes. I realized yesterday that I don’t know as much about the upcoming healthcare reforms as I should as an actively thinking citizen (and if like us, you want to get closer to the issue, read this great LearnVest article by our blogging friend Clean Hippie).

Then I started pondering what had been on my mind while all this was being planned, argued for and enacted? Whether I’m on Team Teresa or Team Melissa? What new haircut Katie Holmes has (or will get now that she and Tom are divorcing)? Or how f’ing hot Lauren Conrad looks on the recent cover of Glamour? Whether or not I prefer C.Wonder to J.Crew? There are so many other, bigger things to worry about… but what have I been reading to indulge these completely unnecessary, mind-numbing questions? Gossip magazines. Time to start bringing real reading material to the nail place before my brain drips out my ears. My sister needs to do some pass-along readership action with her Economist subscription!

Melissa Gorga best summed up this all-too-guilty pleasure on a recent episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey… but she’s obviously never heard of the Economist… or any academic publication for that matter… ever. But that’s not why she’s on TV. She’s on TV for being ridiculously hot.

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