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Attached at the Hip | Texting 24/7

We text one another constantly. In the morning. Throughout the day. At home. When we’re in the bathroom. When we’re grocery shopping. When we’re commuting. According to the text below at 3am. All the damn time. Our parents thanked their lucky, Verizon-plan stars the day Agatha got an iPhone and it switched to iMessage. But what are two sisters to do? We are, after all, attached at the hip.

Things are constantly coming up that we need to share with one another. Some of them are work-related, some of them are serious or surround family (we’re a tightly knit crew). And there’s the majority which are just ridiculous status updates. As silly as we are with video chatting, we are just as intense with texting. Communication is our jam. In case you couldn’t tell by this whole blog.


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