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Books make a home

We grew up being surrounded by books on every subject you could think of. In every move we have ever made, whether it’s across continents or into dorm rooms, the packing and transporting of books has been a labor of love. We were raised to treat books with respect, make time to read them, and most importantly, judge those who don’t.

For both of us, books are so important that their presence has become an integral part of our decorating sense (did you see our post on library ladders?). Their texture, colors, and different sizes turn into a wallpaper that everything else sits on. The subjects of our collections reflect what we’re interested in and what inspires us. Spend minutes looking through our shelves and you can get a pretty accurate assessment of who we are. I have amassed tomes about slavery and African-American history, topped off with solid Ernest Hemingway, Henry James, and Alan Paton collections. My sister’s collection focuses on Europe and languages with Nancy Mitford and Graham Greene sitting alongside Steven Pinker and Adam Gopnik.

While spending a lovely afternoon together we stopped at terrain and found Books Make a Home by Damian Thompson. It brought together all the regard we have for books in the home and ideas of using them to bring warmth, personality and intelligence into every space.

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