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Attached at the Hip | A weekend of cooking

We spent a perfect, relaxing weekend together that was complete with sleeping in, beauty maintenance and FF discussion (family & fashion). Normally we can be found restaurant tasting and brunching, but this weekend we kept it homemade thanks to the heat. With a plethora of fresh ingredients from the farmer’s market we had no need go anywhere but the kitchen. In my typical cooking fashion, I purchased a pile of ingredients that looked tasty and figured out what to do with them later.

Friday evening we wanted something warm and hearty. A request was made for our meal to involve some form of melted cheese. We created a pasta bake with brocollini sautéed with garlic and arrabbiata sauce then topped off with a fresh mozzerella that melted to become perfectly gooey. Of course, there was alcohol involved. Is that even a question? Nothing goes better with melted cheese than a nice red.

Saturday evening we kept it light and cool. After a swelteringly hot day and humidity that turned me into a puddle, all we wanted was something simple. We threw together a salad using my usual salad mixture of mixed greens, cukes, tomato, pine nuts and blue cheese. To finish it off and give it some savory elements, we sautéed green beans with spring onions. Paired that with a chilled rosé and freshly baked ciabatta, we were in food heaven.

Now after consuming a pretty significant amount of wine Saturday evening, we woke up Sunday in slight need of some assistance from a trusted friend, Advil. And nothing cures a touch of a hangover like nature’s sponge, the egg. A breakfast of egg scramble with tomatoes, onion, spinach and goat cheese put us back on track. We tried to add cappuccino into that mix, but after an incident involving a geyser of hot liquid all over white cabinets, we determined that built-in cappuccino machines are a god-send and we ended up having French press coffee and milk. Simple.

One word for this past weekend: yummmm!

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