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Packing up

Saturday marks the start of our second annual family vacation on Cape Cod. We are beyond excited and look forward to these seven days of heaven from the moment we get an email from our parents confirming the rental the year before. It’s also so much fun to pack for because all you need are bathing suits and sunscreen (in copious quantities).  You don’t need that many things otherwise (you rarely need as much as you bring anyway), just keep the three-color rule in mind, which is a tip from my friend Sophie, an amazing hostess… Only pack items in three thematic color groups that coordinate and use accessories to jazz it all up. That way all of the clothes can be paired together easily, but look distinct. Louis Vuitton’s latest nugget of marketing genius, The Art of Packing (above), has this rule perfected.

Inspired Sophie’s sound advice and LV’s layout, I put together my own beach vacation version of the core basics that will be lining my suitcase (which is, alas, not LV, but a very beat up green thing). Vacation is almost here!!! What vacations are you taking this summer? What are you packing?

Lands’ End sandals, Superga canvas sneakers, D&Y hat, canvas tote from work (similar here), J.Crew bikini, Jantzen bathing suit

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