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Attached at the Hip | Beach Lovers Anonymous

We need to create an organization known as BLA. Beach Lovers Anonymous.  Maybe we should get more specific… Cape Cod Lovers Anonymous? It would be perfect for us. Let’s face it – if we’re going to do seaside, we do it right… nautical, striped, linen, liberal and preppy. And we go all the way to the edge, Provincetown-bound.

While we did miss you all very much, we focused on something very important. Hardcore, mega-intense relaxation. So much so that after yelling “Bring it!” to my doubles opponents, I proceeded to faceplant onto the tennis court. Point was won, so no worries. Agatha, on the other hand, was so driven to conquer the waves on the National Seashore that she got assaulted by a rock flung by the incoming tide and was lucky not to end the trip with a bruised ankle bone. Relaxation is a hard state to get to. First, apparently, you need to feel the pain.

We spent a wonderful week with family. BBQing fresh seafood, going for walks in the dunes, taking family tennis to whole new level, debating numerous world problems, solving none of them, and eating copious amounts of frozen dairy delights. Plain fro-yo is my new jam. We kept a nice balance between the wonderful zen, quiet beaches and the crazy drag queen-filled intensity of Provincetown. We navigated the crowds to shop (I actually got my Christmas shopping idea list going…. sick, I know) and go into galleries. We have a bone to pick with the Naked Boys of Provincetown though. Last year’s guys were way hotter…

Oh and we may have gone through enough wine that we all now have to detox, but that’s fine. Details, details. Our livers have another year before we do it all again next year and love it that much more.

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