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Waste not, want not

Let’s set the record straight... we are not the crafting sort. We lack the space, time and will to succeed (though I have been known to cross stitch). We do, however, hate waste. Avoiding it is the one thing that might spur us to new heights of creativity (to avoid the word crafty… shudder). Upcycling to avoid throwing things out is far from a new concept, I’m pretty sure they did it in Little House on the Prairie. We grew up with our mom storing sewing stuff in a long-since-emptied Royal Dansk butter cookie tin (we still get a little nostalgic when we see these at the store) and every year since we can remember our neighbor Margie has been giving us homemade caramel popcorn in Christmas paper-wrapped coffee tins.

I waste precious studio space saving old tea and candle tins in the hopes that I will reuse them for a similarly useful storage purpose one day… I hate to throw out good design too! So I got researching on what I could do with my little (but growing) collection and these ideas popped up… Some tins are already pretty and some you can make pretty with minimal effort: magnets, candles (OK, a little more effort), windowsill gardens, vases and centerpieces and desktop and art studio storage. If you don’t have your own collection of cool tins, look no further than your local flea or start drinking Twinings and Harney & Sons and burning Voluspa candles to get started. Spray paint others whose graphics aren’t as pleasing — helps them look a little more uniform and chic. Papering is tough unless you’re an expert like our neighbor!

Image courtesy of Country Living

For the windowsill succulent and herb gardens, drill holes in the bottom for drainage. Image courtesy of Pinterest

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Image courtesy of Pinterest

To paint, use a glossy, non-acrylic paint. Image courtesy of Pinterest
Top image courtesy of Martha Stewart Living

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