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Tory cools it down

Now first off, it’s that point during the summer where I start getting really irritated with how hot it is. It needs to stop. Anything over 90 degrees is just utterly unnecessary. It makes me crave fall: being able to drink hot lattes without getting sweaty, drink deeper reds, spend time outside without having to schedule it during times when I won’t potentially pass out. Most of all, I’m craving my favorite clothing season when things are covered up and comfy in earthier, saturated colors. All the catalogs with fall line-ups arriving in my mailbox are not helping cure this case of fall syndrome I’ve got going on.

Pair that together with our color of choice and we are two happy shoppers. Click, click, click, submit.

Navy is so timeless. So royal. So nautical. So everything we love. Our usual ladylike defaults are Kate Spade and J.Crew, but with her constant homeruns, Tory may be in the running as a go-to source for lady gear. Between the cropped jackets, button down shirts and cropped pants I may actually freak out, if my wallet doesn’t first. What sends me over the edge are the military buttons. Just perfect. Now if only it could cool down a bit so that my “try on clothes mojo” was in good form!

photo source: Tory Burch

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