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Preservation hardware

Remember the amazing 80s power-suit movie Baby Boom? I am beginning more and more to feel like Diane Keaton’s lead character. One day I’m just going to pick up and end up in a small, quiet town where I’ll just grow tomatoes and make batches of sauce. Then I can follow that with eating copious amounts of pasta. Maybe let life be totally focused on what gets served for dinner and let myself get rolly polly. OK, that’s not quite how it all turned out in Baby Boom, but you get the picture.

In the latest Williams-Sonoma catalog to hit my mailbox, the focus was on all the ways of preserving food: pickling, canning and making jam or sauce. It’s the perfect activity for summer farmer’s market season if you 1) have crazy amounts of time on your hands and 2) have silly amounts of space to store all the damn jars. I would have to get really inventive with where I stashed jam and pickle jars. In Baby Boom, she had her huge Vermont farmhouse kitchen with cabinets full of applesauce jars (please go watch that movie now, if you haven’t, by the way). I’d have to get creative and use the jars to decorate within my living space. I’m envisioning something along the lines of “Welcome to my apartment! Just leave your coat on the leaning tower of marinara sauce.”

As I skimmed through the pages of gorgeous food photography (drool), colorful foods trapped inside all sorts of cute containers, I started to lose my preserving fears. It’s charming. Every container you make captures the flavors of summer to be savored later when it’s cold and snowy and memories of the farmer’s market until it can be attended the following year. What’s not to love about that? Screw storage.

photo source: Williams-Sonoma

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