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Working Girl

Apparently, we’re on a 80s movie kick. First Baby Boom yesterday, now Working Girl (Melanie Griffith and that hair! Woof). Shoulder pads aside, it’s a great movie. Melanie got through the working girl routine in some form of organization with her briefcase and white sneakers. There’s been some evolution of those accessories (thank god), and as a girl who works in corporate America (so many meetings), commutes from one end of Manhattan to the other (the death of heels) and has a tendency toward discombobulation, I can tell you from first-hand experience that there is an art to workforce accessorizing. Here are the things that are vital to me getting through the day in some semblance of preparedness and semi-professionalism, i.e. I’m still trying to deny I’m an adult:

1. De rigeur writing gear for all my genius ideas… Sorry, I’m only a CMO in my head. Foolish moment of self-aggrandizement. (Moleskine Square-ruled Notebook, $17.95)

2. A travel umbrella is a must to keep on hand in your desk, otherwise you risk pointlessly holding a newspaper over your head as your iPhone short circuits in your purse. Horrors! (Brooks Brothers Plaid Mini Umbrella, $65)

3. An all-weather carryall for your change of shoes, book/e-reader, lunch containers and anything else you might choose to cart around on a daily basis like me, self-proclaimed bag lady. (L.L. Bean Medium Zip-top Boat Tote, $26.95)

4. The chicest reusable bag in case you do groceries on the way home (Baggu, $9)

5. A wrislet to carry around all my daytime bits and pieces at the office: ID, credit card, myriads of loyalty cards for coffee runs, pens and the precious iPhone. I was tired of dropping my shit all over the halls from my teetering, uncertain grip. It makes me feel like an awkward fifth grader. (Cole Haan Jitney Wristlet, $78)

6. A commuter shoe that takes those surprise summer rainstorms in plastic stride. Your feet won’t regret wearing Crocs. Your pride might. Get over it. (Crocs Kadee, $31.99)

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