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Curly Kelly

We both have BIG hair. Volume is not an issue in our world. When we want it to be straight, it’s curly. When we want it to be curly, it’s frizzy. We just can’t win. How did these women in the 50s (or a modern-day incarnation like designer Charlotte Dellal) get those smooth, beautiful locks? We don’t understand how they supposedly got it to be so perfectly silky on their own. There must be tricks that our grandmother’s generation refuses to share with us. Intense conditioners, leave-in products, Moroccan oil – you name it, we’ve tried it- no dice. If the answer is as simple as not washing our hair as often or spending a lot of time on it then F me. Grease and time are not on our side.

So we did some research. A simple Google query “how to get the Grace Kelly hairdo” wields tons of results. Apparently people are spilling the beans (surprise, surprise, it’s no one actually from that generation). Basically, we were right: 1-2 day-0ld hair is your friend, buy curlers (unless you’re a fiend with a curling iron) and find lots of time to practice methods (here’s the best instuctional vid we found from Berlin Hair Baby). Our beauty fav, Grace Kelly, probably also had a personal stylist and one of those helmet hair dryers.

Bottom line, whether put up or down “casual” (how casual could the Princess of Monaco really be?), Grace looked just stunning. If we won the lottery, you can bet a membership to drybar would be close to top of the list for immediate investments. Until then, we’ll be burning our fingertips trying to control our locks in the quest of a princess-worthy, not-a-hair-out-of-place look.

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