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Princes behaving badly

The Prince Harry nude photo scandal cracks me up. The Palace apparently has its collective knickers in a twist about it, but here’s my take:

1. Did we really expect a playboy prince to go Vegas and remain clothed? I mean honestly. If he didn’t do it, what would we talk about? The tanking world economy?

2. When considering the girl hugging him, simultaneously “dumb Vegas skank” and “lucky bitch” come to mind. I’m still not sure which camp I fall into.

3. He’s almost naked in my book. You can’t actually see the royal jewels (such a lame, but good, TMZ pun), so it’s just really another semi-nude man. I’ve been to a nude beach. I watch American TV. This is really nothing new.

4. He needs better door security. These crappy cell phone pictures were taken from 4 feet away, max. He needs fewer sell-outs around if he is going to loin-cloth it with a female friend.

So in light of this scandal, it’s no wonder I have found another ne’er-do-well prince to fill the royal fix… on Hulu. For Brit com and royal enthusiasts, meet The Palace. It will be your free-streaming friend (along with a glass of wine). In the 8 episodes of season 1, you meet a fictional version of the royal family that has just lost its king, only to have a young and playboy POW (Prince of Wales) step up to be KOE (King of England), while shagging the PM’s Comms Director. Oh, it’s good – there’s more intrigue going on as everyone tries to play the new king (actor Rupert Evans). It even features a real-life royal, Sophie Winkleman, who is married to Lord Freddie Windsor, son of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent. Lady Sophie plays a jealous princess hating on male primogeniture. She’s convincing – watch out, Wills!

Top photo courtesy of E! Online, all other photos are from Episode 3

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  1. letterfrombritain #

    Poor old prince. In truth, princes have a history of not being very well behaved, like the Prince Regent who later became George IV and ran up horrendous debts gambling in his younger days. Thus it has always been. And now you have persuaded me to take a look at The Palace 🙂 Lovely post, thank you!

    August 24, 2012

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