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Attached at the Hip | Tennis dress up

So recently we’ve gotten back into tennis. We grew up playing with our parents, but college and setting up life, etc. made us a take a little bit of hiatus. Now as official grown ups we’ve found that it’s a whole body exercise that we both enjoy and can bring ourselves to do. Dragging ones’ self to the gym: no bueno. It also is ridiculously stress relieving to whollop balls cross-court. Sometimes we’re aiming, sometimes we’re not. Angry week? No problem, play tennis.

The other fantastic thing about getting back into a hobby is that you need to go and get new gear. I mean you can’t show up on the court in ragamuffin shorts and an old T-shirt. If we want to play like Maria Sharapova then maybe we also need to dress the part. There are a couple key things to remember. For starters, only the balls should bounce. Wear support. Secondly, avoid T-shirt tops that cause bad tan lines (learned this one the hard way during vacation). If you’re taking the time to tone your arms they might as well make contact with the sun. Third, this is no longer our grandmother’s prep school game with knee-length skirts, get some sun on those thighs too. Let’s just remember to stay lady-like…. always wear either a skirt or a dress.

We can’t wait to see what the ladies are wearing on the court during the U.S. Open. We’re both going on Wednesday (not together, tear). Get your racket on, ladies!

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