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So Magdalena already let you in on the dirty little secret: we’re kind of really into gelato. Savoring the last days of summer (but not the humidity), we’ve been cheating on our original gelato love, Ciao Bella, with Talenti Gelato e Sorbetto. We discovered it at the Provincetown Stop ‘n Shop over vacation (how was that over a month ago already?!). I’d seen it before in Whole Foods, where everything is bizarrely expensive (or is that just Manhattan?) and was intrigued, but never felt ready to sink $8 into making my pants tighter. But on vacation, your pants come off anyway and you’re in places where things go on sale ($3.50/jar, now that I can handle) and so I went for it.

The flavors are more simple (say goodbye to Key Lime Graham) and because of that they taste more natural. The Mediterranean Mint really tastes like garden-fresh mint. It takes you aback upon first spoonful- it’s that true to the original ingredients. Now I stalk Whole Foods for it to go on sale to $4.50 ($1 Manhattan sale mark-up) and sometimes in moments of rare abandon, I think “screw you pant size” and invest the $8 for the deliciousness. No regrets yet, but I may rescind that statement when the jeans get pulled out for fall (so soon!).

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  1. girlyobsessions #

    The almond is the best!!!

    September 7, 2012

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