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Feeling at home in the fall

I love the feeling of days like today when you wake up and it’s still a little bit dark, the temperature has finally dropped and you crave just staying in bed. Fall makes home feel like home again. You can return to cooking warm dishes without making your apartment 400 degrees, drink red wine without sweating or putting in ice (which is a horrifying habit I got introduced to this summer) and comfy clothes can have layers once again. It is quite possibly the best feeling ever.

Every season has its household purpose. Spring is for therapeutic cleansing and purging of unnecessary items. Summer is for grizzly tasks that involved manual labor like putting up ceiling fans (done!), painting the living room (done!) and assembling new furniture (done!).

Fall is for starting the entire cycle over again and decorating. It’s for all the pleasant parts of having a home. My theory is, you’re going to be indoors all damn winter so you’d better like the atmosphere. So put out candles, hang wreaths, choose table settings, get new sheets, make sure your wine glasses are up to snuff and just make things pretty. It’s what you’ve wanted to do all year anyway!

photo source: Pottery Barn

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  1. danielleabroad052988 #

    Gosh, I love fall. I just wish it didn’t come so gosh darn fast here in Paris!

    September 19, 2012
    • Little Sis #

      Is fall in Paris as glorious as spring?! La jalousie m’envelope… xo

      September 26, 2012

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