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Attached at the Hip | Apples and laughs

Magdalena: We grew up in Upstate New York and apple picking is not an optional activity. It’s a must-do and a right of passage. The season isn’t complete without putting on comfy clothes and climbing into trees while being surrounded by bees. Pie-making is dangerous business. It’s also, other than annual camping trips, my yearly close encounter with nature in a more controlled habitat. A Saturday spent giggling while preventing Agatha from falling off of a ladder and then enjoying red wine and delicious meals was just what the doctor ordered for some inner peace.

Agatha: When any season starts I feel like I revel in it and it’s my favorite season. I really think though fall is my all-time favorite season. The weather, the clothes… you’ve heard it all before. But the apples (and their sweet delicious biproducts)… now they are just the highlight. Top of the tree are usually the sweetest and prettiest apples. Climb high. My plans this week include throwing together an apple crumble, but lately, for a simple hit of seasonal apple goodness, I’ve taken to drinking heated cider with a dash of nutmeg and cinnamon. It’s the best. Just like this season.

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