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Why don’t you get a cell?

It usually happens that the most catchy songs are just so perplexing and puzzling. Maroon 5’s Payphone has me singing all the way to work while downing a pumpkin spice latte and borderline crying sometimes because it’s one of those songs that makes you emotional and you have no idea why (Adam Levine’s crooning, possibly). But seriously, where is this payphone of which he speaks?! In Manhattan you can find phone BOOTHS but they very often no longer contain… a phone. Besides in this day and age – really? Even Jason Bourne uses pre-paid cellular. Just toss out and run if the call doesn’t go well. I don’t think I’ve met a guy in the last six months that doesn’t have an iPhone and I probably wouldn’t be caught dating one with a Droid. Not to mention when was the last time any of us actually picked up when an unidentified number called? Obviously if they’re not in your phone you don’t want to chat so he’s going to be chilling in that booth for a while.

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