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Making a mark

Happy Monday! Magdalena’s off for Columbus Day, but I’m back in my semi-comfortable desk chair in the Financial District. Regardless of the chair’s comfort, my day job is pretty cool and I really like it. It has brought me some great experiences in the past few years, one of them being the Advertising Women of New York Centennial Luncheon Gala last week at Gotham Hall. Gotham Hall is an old bank that was turned into an event venue and it’s stunning. Can you imagine a wedding there? Swoon.

Speaking of the aspirational, one of the speakers at the lovely lunch, Maureen Sullivan from AOL’s Lifestyle Brand division, introduced the audience to the series MAKERS, an AOL/PBS collaboration. The video series interviews amazing women leaders in business, foreign affairs, fashion, science… they are trailblazers, entrepreneurs, glass-cieling shatterers (very official title, that one), and listening them talk about their lives is pretty inspirational. So if you need a little Monday boost, just listen to DVF or Madeleine Albright or Ellen or Christiane Amanpour… you’ll be hooked and start to watch more. Girl Power!

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