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Pick a pumpkin, paint a pumpkin

We’re well into Halloween month and the pumpkins are everywhere. I want to buy one even though I don’t have table for a centerpiece or a stoop to welcome trick-or-treaters. Oh, New York. Why do I live here again? Bygones! So, I keep seeing pumpkins on farmstands during the weekend, in Whole Foods and all over my Pinterest homepage. On Pinterest, as you’d expect, they’re not just any old plain pumpkins, they’re painted pumpkins. To preface: DIY and crafts, as we’ve mentioned before, are not our forté. But painting? I can handle that. Plus, it’s so much cleaner than carving. Can’t take off my studio-life hat for a second.

Now I’m resolved: I am going to do pumpkin crafts, small-scale, this weekend. Chalkboard, metallic, patterns… the options are endless and idiot-proof. Et voilà!

photo source: Home Made Simple, Southern Living and Chateleine

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  1. Love these painted pumpkins. What a great idea!

    October 13, 2012

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