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Sweet Halloween

I’m not going to lie… over Halloween I could eat my weight in Butterfingers (and Almond Joy, Reese’s Pieces, Kit Kats as well as many other low-fat goodies…sarcasm) given the chance. But all those wrappers with ugly graphics and primary colors? Those are so not appealing to look at. Not to mention they leave so much evidence behind. Who needs all that guilt staring them in the face every time they look in the trash? They just stare at you and mock you, “Hey there chubby… you know you want another.”

They are also the opposite of everything that makes you think of fall. Fall makes me think of apples, caramel, gingersnaps, cinnamon, anything covered in chocolate, oranges, browns, and anything resembling candy corn or pumpkins. So put out a bowl of something delicious (and pretty). But don’t forget to keep a secret Butterfingers stash in the cupboard.

Happy Halloween!

photo source: Williams-Sonoma

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