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Cuckoo for cocoons

We grew up in an upstate town, known as Siberacuse for 6 months out of the year, where winter coats resemble sleeping bags out of necessity. It’s the warmest option, but not very city friendly. You feel like a butterball dunce. Investing in a beautiful, stylish winter coat is worth every dollar in winter. It literally is your outfit 24/7, you don’t even take it off darting in and out of stores. So spend on it if it means you get something that will make you feel gloriously elegant (and warm!) even when the cold wind is chapping your cheeks (remember to stock up on almond oil for all of that unpleasantness).

My obsession this year was to find the perfect cocoon coat to fulfill my 24/7 winter elegance dreams. From the moment I clapped eyes on this Parisian window shopper, I knew I had to find one. What qualifies as a cocoon coat, you may ask? Think about a set of parentheses – ( ) – that’s what you want the coat to look like… boxy shoulders, rounded cut, delicate taper toward the bottom. They sometimes hide under the name “boyfriend coat” as well. I dream of one from Isabel Marant, but the funds are regretfully unavailable for that kind of an investment, so I began the hunt to find the perfect mainstream cocoon.

I found all these options online, but there’s only so much virtual shopping can do for me. When I tried on one at Uniqlo, I knew my cocoon dreams were coming true. Beautiful and in budget. The funnel neck keeps me warm in a 60s chic way, the camel color is neutral and transitions well from fall to winter and will be brighter than black in the grey depths of February. There’s an orange version, but we all know by now that color is my sister’s department. My sister has the cocoon fever too – her’s is Concord purple. My brother-in-law calls us the Thatchers when we wear them, but we think we look pretty toasty chic. He’s Argentina, we’re the Falklands. We win!

Shhhh, I’m considering stocking up on its more strictly fall cousin, with an open lapel since it’s on sale. It’s official: I am cuckoo for cocoons.

For all these wonderful coats check out: 1. Comptoir des Cotonniers 2. Asos 3. JCrew 4. Uniqlo 5. Uniqlo

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