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All the ways to love Praha

I spent a wonderful few days discovering Praha, as the Czechs lovingly pronounce their stunning capital city. Prague was picturesque and storybook-like. Very few places actually look like a postcard when you get there. Every which way you turned there was beautiful architecture and everyone we encountered was completely laid-back and friendly. They also spoke English which was extremely helpful…Nemluvím česky… that’s Google Translate for “I don’t speak Czech”. Wandering around all the little medieval streets felt like a dream. I wonder what it must be like to grow up somewhere like that.

When visiting Prague, there are must-dos, those tourist rights of passage…
1. The Old Town Square is a beautiful spot both during the day and in the evening.
2. Crossing the Charles Bridge and climbing up to Pražský hrad (Prague Castle). By the time you climb up and view the entire castle complex, you’ll have earned a crêpe or two at one of the many cafés on the way back down. That and maybe an Sbucks… Yes, they have them there too.
3. Walking through the Old Town late at night when people are coming out of pubs singing, jazz fills the air and you can take in the wonderful love of life (and alcohol) that is everywhere.
4. Strolling up Pařížská ulice (Paris Street) is both filled with beautiful Art Nouveau architecture and insane shopping.
5. There wasn’t a wide variety of food, but the local specialties are to die for. Definitely enjoy a tastings dinner at one of the many the degustation restaurants throughout the city.

Observations I made…
1. No wonder Czech chicks have amazing trunks. They do nothing but walk up and down hills all day long, all day strong.
2. I had no idea there were so many ways to prepare duck and loved every single one.
3. Cobblestones are an obstacle course for heels. And they’re everywhere.
4. Never have I seen a crowd of tourists as packed together as the one found on the Charles Bridge at 2pm on a sunny afternoon.
5. I loved Istanbul because it was where Asia meets Europe and I loved Prague because it felt like it was where Eastern Europe meets Western Europe.

Now on a more serious note… it is one of those cities that makes you realize how old it is and how many people must have lived there generation by generation to make it into the place that it is. Not to get emo on you all, but I felt so humbled by being there – very few places remind you that your lifetime will be a blink of an eye for a place that’s existed for centuries. Better live with no regrets because it will go by quick.

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  1. I’m dying to visit Prague! I’ll make sure to take all these tips into consideration when I do, but any advice as to which month I should plan to go?

    November 19, 2012
    • You HAVE to go. It was amazing. I would recommend Fall months for 2 reasons. First I can only imagine how crazy busy it must be during the summer if during the Fall it was still pretty bustling. Second, cooler weather seemed to really go with the vibe of the city and the local cuisine. I’m not sure how I would feel about downing savory meat dishes with red wine in 80 degree heat… but in the beautiful Fall temps it was just delicious.

      November 19, 2012

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