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Q is a QT

I have seen every James Bond movie ever made. Yep, all 23 of them. Even the sort of weird 80s ones with Timothy Dalton that no one else has seen. Our dad had us hooked on Bond and the espionage genre since the TBS after-Christmas marathons, so it was a must for me to catch up on my favorite movie franchse and see Skyfall. It was so good that I forgot I could be getting bed bugs at that very moment (the 2010-11 NYC scares eternally tainted movie theaters for me). From the Adele theme song to Javier Bardem’s ability to play a disconcertingly convincing psychopath to the see-through evening gowns of the gorgeous leading lady (as my friend Marco put it, “it’s all about the French Cambodian lady”), there was a lot to love about this latest Bond.

My favorite part about the movie has to be (sorry 007) the new Q. Q is a QT. Actor Ben Whishaw is a dryly humored, erudite would-be Warby Parker missionary – the youngest Q yet. I’m digging him. He’s a great actor, no impeccably tailored suits or big pecs needed (not that I’m faulting Daniel Craig for those, heaven forbid). This Daily Beast interview recaps his awesomeness well.

Now I’m seeing more of my QT every Wednesday night on one of my favorite shows from 2011, The Hour, now in its 2nd season on BBC America’s Wednesday night Dramaville. He plays another leading nerd, this time a journalist, Freddie Lyon, who is adorably angsty over his newroom colleague, played by Romola Garai. I highly recommend watching both. Happy watching!

Photos courtesy of The Telegraph and BBC America

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