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Sprucing up for the holidaze

Yes, we spelled that wrong on purpose. Not playing Scrooge here, it’s just the holidays are a frenzy of shopping, drinking, eating, gift wrapping, traveling and general chaotic awesomeness. And then it’s all over and you need to quit the revelry and stick to your resolutions, damnit. But that’s not for a couple weeks, so until the austerity returns, here are some ways to bring the embodiment of the holiday spirit – the Christmas Tree – into a small apartment space. Yeah, I love Christmas trees (a lot) and I can’t fit one into my – wait for it – 12’x15′ apartment. Ho, Ho, Ho, the cruelty!


1. The more the merrier
Buy two wreaths and hang one on each side of your main door. One for you to enjoy as you walk in and one to substitute, somewhat successfully, for a tree on the inside. Green wire and wire cutters do the trick for rigging these stunners up to the door.

2. Gimme a hand
Frequent hand washing is particularly necessary in the winter, so this is an easy way to get you and your apartment festive.

3. Pining for you
Paine’s is the balsam fir expert. Make some closet and dresser sachets of this and your sweaters and panties will smell like they were born from a Christmas tree. If you’re a lucky enough sod to have an apartment with a working fireplace, sprinkle some of these needles in and you will hear the sleigh bells ringing.


4. Let there be light
Candles are cozy, affordable and, at this particular size, probably the smallest piece of festivity that you can add to a tiny living space.

Enjoy them for yourself 1. Wreath, 2. Method Soap, 3. Balsam Fir Needles, 4. Scented Candles

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