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Attached at the Hip | Winter begins


Magdalena: Why is December such a wonderful mixture of unadulterated insanity along with wonderful quality time spent with family? I love to just slowly take Christmas in if weekends allow for that instead of running around with insane people inside the mall. Online shopping had me almost completely covered this holiday season.

This weekend the gray weather was perfect for spending quality time inside, drinking red wine, cooking yummy things and enjoying lots of relaxing conversation with the fam. I found that I can’t get enough of root veggies and savory flavors as we enjoyed a broth soup over roasted potatoes and sautéed mushrooms. Filling and still light enough to leave room for plenty of the aforementioned wine both as an appetizer and dessert.

Pine-scented candles were lit to get that Christmas smell, the tree was sparkly, Ugg slippers were on and hot chocolate was consumed. I am SO looking forward to being a rolly polly old woman. Of course it helps that I am already half-way there.  


Agatha: Oh Winter, you get me. I love when it gets cold enough to wear fur. I’m (not) sorry if that offends you — I just don’t do faux. I took the coyote stole from an old coat and put it on over my new favorite cocooon coat. Add a combo of my two favorite lip products and you’re all dressed up — one is new (Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain… this stuff is genius) and one is the oldest trick in the lip book (Aquaphor). So easy, so cozy. Then I took my furry self over to Brooklyn (ah, how things change) and had a cocktail (or two) at The Mayflower Social, headed next door for dinner at Aita and then brunched the next day at Walter’s. Damn, it was a tasty weekend. Now onto the holiday parties and cookie exchanges and pre-New Year catch-ups with friends in the week ahead. At this rate, I think I will start relaxing on Christmas Eve!


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