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Tartan trumps tinsel


OK, so you’re all spruced up and now it’s time for thematic touches. This year I’m all about tartan patterns all over the house from the bow on my wreath to what I sleep in. It conjures warmth and coziness, ergo Christmas, and I’m a sucker for the aristocratic origins. Some patterns have more obvious “Christmas” colors than others (Royal Stewart), but I’m also partial for the Black Watch (above). Kate’s dress was the tipping point (and let’s not even go into the baby news here, needless to say I’m so excited it’s embarrassing).


A note on terminology: in the US, tartan and plaid are pretty much interchangeable, which I’m sure is giving my Scottish brother-in-law waves of nausea. In his honor, here is the traditional difference between tartan and plaid for your edification. You learn something new everyday – a plaid is a kind tartan but a tartan is not a plaid.

Moving on. Here’s some tartan inspiration…


Duchess Katherine photo courtesy of About the British Royals
Bring some of the inspiration home: blanket, flannel pajamas, mugs, crackers, and ribbon.

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