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Attached at the Hip | Winter Weekends


Magdalena: Getting back into the swing of things for the New Year wasn’t easy after such wonderful holiday season. Actually it was a touch painful. The thought of completing a 5-day work week made me cringe. What was the perfect way to recover? To forget everything with a Catskill getaway to spend some time outdoors, enjoying the snow and acting like a total, complete 5 year old. Pulling a snow tube left my upper body sore in a such a way that I’m reminded of the shape I’m (not) in. I officially entered the club of people that are obsessed with playing Cards Against Humanity. It’s proving to be pretty dangerous.


Agatha: 2013, let’s do this! I managed to accomplish some pretty big things in 2012 on my list of Resolutions. This weekend (a little delayed), I wrote my big list again – the theme is ‘Upward’ – and I just find it so helpful to refer to the bigger goals and themes, as well as the short term tasks for each, throughout the year. I’m psyched about my list. One of my friends told me that I should just change when I want to change, but I mentally need some sort of a time marker to think about some improvements and reinventions…. perhaps it’s the new school year reinvention after summer from childhood that I can’t let go of and have replaced with January 1, but nonetheless, I find it helpful. And I’m not berating myself in my resolutions, quite the contrary. I stocked up on my favorite brand of chocolate (found at Chelsea Market Baskets) as a dessert instead of cookies (because let’s face it, I will never not want dessert), and I finally read my father’s favorite book, which he has been asking me to read for years, but I just hadn’t gotten around to reading. These were easier, fun things to accomplish, but my unlimited month membership at Pure Barre has not been as relaxing as those… I got sore this weekend too! But I’m finding my rhythm and for once, am loving even the tough assignments on my list.



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